5 Tips To Set Up Your Eyelash Extension Room

5 Tips To Set Up Your Eyelash Extension Room - Eyesy Lash

You've mastered the art of lash application. You've got everything you need in your eyelash extension kit and are ready to get started. Is your space, on the other hand, as friendly and ready for clients as you are?

If you want to make a good first impression, you only have one shot. A large component of this is your eyelash extension room. As a result, it's critical to create a space that clients look forward to visiting and where they can unwind while getting lash services.

We've got stunning room ideas that will boost the liveliness of your area, whether you desire girly plush sensations or a boho dream décor.

Take notes, Lash sisters. Here are five suggestions for building an oasis that customers will want to return to.

1. Discover the ideal lash room layout

First and foremost, consider where each piece of lash room furniture will go. In an eyelash extension room, larger things like your lash bed or lash chair usually take center stage. Then, inevitably, required items such as an overhead lamp and the lash artist's chair will find their way near this focal point.

Naturally, no two eyelash extension rooms are same. If you prefer a layout with the lash bed hugging a sidewall, go for it! Experiment with different furniture arrangements to get the ideal layout for your room.

Keep in mind that the goal is to make your clients as comfortable as possible. This should be supported by your design. Many clients like to take a nap during their consultation while you work on their lashes. Here are a few additions that can help you channel your inner Sleeping Beauty:

  • Make your lash bed more cushioned. It's available in almost any superstore—Target, Walmart, you get the idea. Clients will be more comfortable as well as less antsy as a result of this.
  • Invest in a warm and inviting blanket! A soft blanket on top of your lash bed fitted sheet will help any customer snuggle a little deeper into the lash bed. A fantastic lash cushion can also be included into your look.
  • Keep a fan on hand in case a customer becomes hot during the visit.
  • Clients may be lulled to sleep by the gentle wind and faint hum of the fan. A soothing playlist can help you relax. Relaxing music puts clients at rest and fills the atmosphere with a calm mood.

2. Dress the Lash Room up with Decor

Awaken your creative side for the following set of lash room ideas!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous,” fashion icon Coco Chanel once said. A girl's lash studio, we believe, is no different.

It's critical to keep your studio appearing tidy and professional. Excessive design and furniture can create a congested or chaotic atmosphere, which is the polar opposite of relaxing. Instead, concentrate on blending your personal style into the salon's features for a unified appearance. You can do so by using the following methods:

  • Fixtures and photos. Use your color scheme and logo to spread your brand's vibe throughout your environment. We love spreading our unique lash logo all over the place at The Lash Professional, even on bookshelves and as wall art.
  • Signage for the salon. Make sure your lash salon's signs, both inside and out, reflect your brand's look. Keep the text and colors consistent, and make sure the sign's material complements the mood.
  • Color. Color It takes more than just establishing a look to set up a lash room. It's all about your energy and the atmosphere you create. When your clients and artists visit your lash salon, how do you want them to feel?

3. Find the Right Lighting

Your clients will be able to see their beautiful lashes after each session thanks to the overhead illumination. You're going to do anything you can to make those lashes appear badass.

Actually, you want to do everything you can to get your client to shoot a killer Instagram photo and tag you! The most crucial aspect in this is lighting.

How many times have you taken a "good" picture in poor lighting? Let's be honest. Photos taken in poor lighting seldom make it past the camera roll. Remember, beauties, that lighting can make or ruin an arrangement.

You'll also need a top-tier lash light in addition to overhead illumination. This is one item on which you should not scrimp. Investing in a high-quality lash light will completely transform your lash photography.

Whatever lash room ideas you have in mind, keep in mind that a clean environment that invites clients is essential. Each person who enters your salon should feel like they've escaped from reality.

4. Sprinkle in Some Wall art

Do you have a small amount of space? It's no problem. Add some beautiful wall decor to your eyelash extension room to make it more appealing.

You can use vertical decoration to attract the eye upwards. Consider mounting shelves to the walls to store attractive items. Mirrors placed strategically can also make a room appear larger.

Remember that a room doesn't have to be crammed with furniture to seem finished. Little elements come together to make a lash space come alive.

5. Do Storage with Style

Let's face it, your clients don't want to stare at your eyelash mannequin while they're getting their lashes done. It's critical to have ample storage for all of your back stock, supplies, and tools. It will appear cluttered if you have all of these items out, stacked, and visible.

We've all seen how simple it is to accumulate a large number of lash trays, tweezers, tape, and eye pads. We are ecstatic to have so many possibilities! Clients, on the other hand, are uninterested in viewing everything.

However, there is some good news! Storage may be fashionable. Keeping your lash supplies organized is a pleasure with sleek containers and easy-to-roll trolleys.

You can use clear storage bins to create a sleek aspect to the area if you organize your products carefully. Otherwise, use a hue that complements the rest of the salon. You can't go wrong with black and white because these classic colors match with everything. Get adequate storage to hide your lash materials away for yourself and your clients' benefit.

We hope these lash room ideas sparked the creative chord in you. Clients will come to you, not only because you do quality work, but also because they enjoy spending time with you in your lash salon. Remember to focus on making their experience a relaxing, fun and positive one.