7 Tips To Help Re-Launch Your Lash Business

7 Tips To Help Re-Launch Your Lash Business - Eyesy Lash

As orders for stay-at-home and shelter-in-place services continue to rise, many small businesses are unsure how to re-launch after weeks of uncertainty.

Due to safety and health concerns, re-launching lash businesses may prove to be a much more delicate challenge to overcome.

We enlisted the help of seven thought leaders to share their perspectives. Their responses may surprise you.

Promote Safety

When attempting to reopen your lash salon, the best advice is to promote safety. One of the main concerns for customers is whether or not they will be exposed to COVID-19 if they visit your salon. You want to give them as much assurance as possible that your company is committed to making them feel their best in a safe manner. Customers should be informed via social media, email, and phone calls that you are open and following all state-mandated safety precautions. This will alleviate a customer's uncertainty and fear.

Go Big or Go Home

I believe that companies that invest in advertising and customer experience during a crisis will come out on top. People are hungry for information and support in times of need, and most brands have the resources to provide this to at least their customer base, if not a larger community. Invest everything you have in spreading your brand's mission and connecting with your audience on a genuine level. It will be worthwhile.

Focus on Existing Client Relationships First

Gather a list of your most valuable clients (loyal customers with the most visits) and notify them of your anticipated reopening date via mass text message, email, or phone call. Make it clear that you are prioritizing important clients as you reopen, which is why you are reaching out. They will appreciate the fact that you are paying attention to them and making them feel special.

Center Your Budget

When re-opening your lash salon, make sure you have a budget that includes COVID-19 costs. Salons will require a large supply of disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks. These are costs that did not necessarily exist at the same level prior to the pandemic, but are now critical to consider. Lash salons must budget for additional expenses in order to be successful.

Strategize What You Can Improve On

This is the ideal time to organize yourself and devise a strategy. Perhaps it is a re-evaluation of your website or the preparation of a series of articles to be posted on a future blog. Perhaps it's developing a social media strategy and planning three months' worth of future postings. Is your company's logo out-of-date? Now would be a good time to go through the rebranding process without disrupting the day-to-day operations.

It is Always About the Customer

All of the projects you didn't have time to complete while you were busy with other things. Make an effort to show your customers that you are thinking of them during this difficult time. Remember that it is not about you, but about them. Empathy is required. That will best prepare you for when the time comes to open the doors. They'll recall how you made them feel.

Organize Yourself For a Strong Comeback

A crisis like this allows us to be creative and analyze how we can improve our businesses or expand in new ways to provide virtual services. Staying in touch with your clients and strengthening the relationship will be critical in focusing your priorities in order to meet their needs when things return to normal.

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