8 Marketing Tactics for Lash Salons

8 Marketing Tactics for Lash Salons - Eyesy Lash

1. Publicize Safety Precautions

It is critical for customers to feel secure. Use your most popular social media platforms to publicize the safety precautions that your company is taking to ensure that customers have a positive experience. Make it clear to them that you are concerned first and foremost with their well-being. It is also critical to personally contact current customers and inform them that they have a spot open for whatever services they require when they are ready.

2. Create Content That Addresses Customer Challenges

Create content about lashes and the current state of the industry. Content addressing the difficulties of not being able to visit the lash salon and solutions to those difficulties while you wait for the salon to reopen. Consider offering discounts and new services when you reopen in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

3. Update Your Social Media Presence

We've had several physicians in the medical aesthetics industry tell us that they get calls all the time asking when they'll be open again. These prospective clients are getting a good look at themselves on Zoom and can't wait to get some simple cosmetic work done!

4. Buy One, Give One Model

I really like the "buy one, give one" model. A lash salon can sell gift cards for a specific lash service and then donate the same lash service to an essential worker, such as a nurse. It provides the advantages of immediate cash, guaranteed future appointments, and a social responsibility angle that always markets well.

5. Implement Referral Initiatives

These types of businesses can offer online coupons that can be redeemed once the business reopens. Referral campaigns can be effective not only in bringing back customers, but also in bringing in new clients.

6. Don’t Forget Past Customers

Begin contacting regulars and previous customers to remind them how long it's been and how much you're looking forward to seeing them once this is over.

7. Market Future Products and Services

Don't stop talking to your audience. Social media is a fantastic way to stay in touch. Make videos of yourself applying lashes, talking about new or favorite products, and giving customers advice on how to maintain their lashes, especially if they can't get them done right away. Consider items that will be useful and beneficial to your customers. If you have an ecommerce business, offer them a discount on your products that can be shipped to them. If you don’t, allow them to purchase a gift card so that when you do re-open, they can visit you.

8. Stay in Touch With Your Customers

I believe that any salon that stays in touch with customers and offers helpful hints during this time will benefit from those customers returning when salons reopen. A lash salon, for example, could provide tips on how to care for lashes at home, review great mascaras, hold photo contests with new customer "looks," and even provide tips on how to improve eye health. What about a Mother's Day discount on services provided by your salon to moms? I'm sure many customers would appreciate these considerations and would return to your establishment!

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