Business 101: How to promote your lash business?

You're probably wondering why we're talking about social media marketing for your lash business instead of other channels before we get into the details. As you all know, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used by millions of individuals, and many of them are interested in beauty products and services. So everyone nowadays uses social media as a platform to get their name or brand out there. 

Using social media marketing to promote your lash business is the cheapest, quickest, and most straightforward method of promotion accessible. It merely takes a few minutes and reaches a large number of potential clients and followers, all for free! What could be more appealing than that?

Here is some advice on how to advertise your lash business and how to make your lash business stand out on social media in order to attract more followers and expand your fan base, which will help your social media grow and your lash business flourish.

#1 Post Before - After photos

Before and after photos are an excellent method to demonstrate the quality of your work to potential clients.

Before and after photos might be used to catch the attention of new clients. They'll put themselves in the shoes of the person in the photo and envision how stunning they'd look with a new pair of lashes.

To accomplish so, you'll need to collaborate with your current clientele. Have a snapshot taken of them before and after the process and publish it to your social media sites before you apply lashes to them.

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TIP: Always ask if your client can be tagged in a photo. You can use this to gain access to their social network. Then, without asking any of them to like it, your lovely work is shared with their entire social circle. You essentially have unrestricted access to their whole social network.

#2 Create interesting content

When you plan to begin promoting your lash work online, keep in mind that there will be competition. When you plan to begin promoting your lash work online, keep in mind that there will be competition. 

This can also be accomplished through the use of high-quality images and proper lighting. If you're going to take lash photos on a regular basis, which we highly recommend, you should invest in simple lighting equipment that will work with your phone or camera. Ring lights and softboxes are both great instruments for beauty photography and can be acquired at a fair price on Amazon and other websites.

Another benefit of using these lights is that you may take professional-looking beauty photographs of your clients that they would be happy to post, particularly on social media.

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#3 Engage conversation

Unlike other marketing techniques, social media is more engaging. You may take advantage of this to your advantage and improve your client interactions. This can be accomplished by sending personalized communications to clients and actively listening to their thoughts and opinions. Consider sharing photographs or movies, or anything else that will get people talking.

#4 Use hashtag on Instagram

Using hashtags, clients can simply find your lash business and learn about the services you offer. In your posts, you can, for example, add your location hashtag as well as the types of lashes offered. Make your lash business's social media page public so that everyone may view it.

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