Dramatic Eyelash Extensions: Guide To The Best Curls

Any lash queen understands that she doesn't need drama—unless it's in her lashes, of course!

Whether you want to add volume to your lashes or a subtle edge to your beauty, you'll need some eye-catching eyelash extensions.

So any eyelash extensions will suffice? Wrong! Choosing the wrong eyelash extensions is akin to choosing a dress that doesn't fit: it's just not cute.

So, how do you know which dramatic eyelash extensions are best for you?

When looking for lash extensions, one of the most important considerations is lash curl.

Simply put, each lash curl creates a unique lash look. What curl you use is determined by your eye shape, natural lash length, and other factors.

Okay, lash ladies, those lash looks aren't going to happen by themselves.

To get you started, we'll walk you through the process of selecting the right curl, as well as why each curl works best with different eye shapes and more!

Dramatic Eyelash Extensions: Learn What Curl to Use For Unique Eye Shapes

Eye Shapes, Natural Lashes, and Eye Extensions

When styling lashes for a client, one of the first things you'll do is examine their eyes. This may appear to be self-evident, but it is crucial!

What exactly am I looking for when I look into someone's eyes?

You can learn a lot from your client's eyes, from their natural curl (or lack thereof) to their normal lashes, their eye shape, and even how healthy their lashes are.

In general, when choosing the right curl, you should consider all of this. But first, let's take a look at eye shapes.

While there are many different eye shapes to choose from, the three most common are round eyes, almond eyes, and hooded eyes.

In terms of natural eyelash types, a client may have straight lashes, lashes that point downward, slightly curly lashes, or a combination of lash types!

When you have a general idea of what you're working with, you can begin selecting curls. Typically, you want to enhance your client's natural lashes while also providing them with genuine but dramatic eyelash extensions!

Curl Sizes and What Looks They Best Compliment

Before we get into matching lash curls to create killer looks, there's one thing you should know: lash extensions aren't one-size-fits-all!

In other words, create a look for each client based on their unique eye shape and natural lashes. You won't be able to apply your preferred volume D curl lash combo or J curl set to every client. As a result, each look you create will be unique, even if only slightly so.

Fortunately, there are a variety of eyelash extension curl sizes available for you to choose from. We'll go over some of the basic curls you can use when lashing looks for clients down below.

C and CC Curl Extensions

We're going to start with the C curl because it's very likely that this will be your go-to lash.

Try C curl lashes if your client wants to spice up her already slightly curled lashes! Because of the natural curl of the C curl, these lashes are ideal for enhancing natural lashes with an open-eye effect.

On the other hand, you have CC curls. When a client wants to add more drama to their lashes without looking unnatural, you'd use a CC curl. The CC curl has a curlier tip than the C curl, which contributes to the added drama.

J Curl Extensions

Assume a client arrives with the straightest eyelashes you've ever seen. Don't get too worked up! While these aren't your typical lashes, you can get a client with straight, almost downward pointed lashes.

A J curl is the best curl to use on these lashes. A J curl works well with straight lashes because of its simple but effective curl at the tip.

B Curl Extensions

A B curl is another option for straight eyelashes! The B curl looks best on straight eyelashes that don't point down.

There are some significant differences between B and J curl extensions, but the most important distinction to remember is that a B curl has the appearance of a naturally curled lash. It resembles the curl you'd get after curling your lashes with an eyelash curler.

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Add a Healthy Dose of Creative Lash Drama to Your Life!

Ladies, as we previously stated, these curls are only the tip of the iceberg.

After all, there are other ways to make a client's lashes stand out. Rainbow-colored eyelash extensions will make any client's eyes pop! When creating an innovative look, you could also experiment with silk, mink, and faux mink lash extensions!