Finding The Best Lash Wholesale Vendor: 4 secrets that other lash artists don't want you to know.

Finding The Best Lash Wholesale Vendor: 4 secrets that other lash artists don't want you to know. - Eyesy Lash

With the help of a quality lash wholesale vendor, the dream of opening your own lash salon and thriving could be much easier. Trust me, that matters! Lash wholesale will be the best bang for your lash salon bulk, capable of providing the best lash extensions bulk order, thereby helping you to maintain the quality of your lashes as well as reduce your ordering costs.
Below are the criteria Eyesy Lash has compiled through a survey on groups for Lash Artists for the questions: ‘What are the 4 telltale signs showing this is a professional, trustworthy wholesale lashes?’. Let's take a look at our top advice on what to look for in a reputable lash wholesale.

A professional lash wholesale vendor always has a professional website

On the whole, the first impression and the credibility of a brand are shown clearly through their website. To get to know the right vendor for your lash salon, check the supplier’s official website.

A reputable lash wholesale vendor will always invest in the product description on the website with a view to creating the most authentic view of the product for the customers. Information such as properties, ingredients, who this product is suitable for, or even suggesting the right eyelash style for each type of customer will always be a big plus for these lash vendors. Try clicking on one of their items, and evaluate whether the product description meets the above criteria, and above all, fulfills yours. If YES, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Besides, check the Blog section. A 5-five-star website puts time and effort into blogs. A well-researched blog not only scales up the credibility in the eyes of customers, but it also shows the brand’s goodwill in valuing the relationship with customers and its willingness to co-create the information that customers really need to know along with the product information, such as Health tips for lash artists.

A professional lash wholesale vendor always provides a variety of good selections

Is it too obvious? A trustworthy lash wholesale vendor will always put themselves in their customer’s shoes. The fact that the supplier offers several choices for an item not only saves the maximum purchasing time for lash artists but indirectly helps create diverse eyelash styles, which are suitable for each type of customer as well. If you have to consider more than 3 suppliers, choose the one that provides good selections as the main supplier for your lash salon.

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Eyesy Lash Complete Tweezer Kit

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A professional lash wholesale vendor cares about their customers by offering occasional discount codes

Don't worry that low prices will come with poor quality. Sometimes, the product quality will always be the same, but the price changes according to holidays or biggest sales. For suppliers who rarely offer discount codes, this generally hinders bulk purchases at lash salons and indirectly reduces the quality of products because they have to order from 3-4 different sources.
In addition to discount codes on important occasions, do not forget to pay attention to whether this vendor offers other preferential treatment such as free shipping, or discount after each feedback. It would be the perfect vendor going along with you in the long run.


<img src=''lash wholesale vendor.png'' alt=''lash wholesale vendor discount Eyesy Lash Clearance Sale up to 40%''>


Eyesy Lash Clearance Sale 

Check Eyesy Lash Clearance Sale 

A professional lash vendor never behaves unprofessionally when it comes to customer service and product quality

Examine the lash wholesale vendor's policy and determine whether the terms and circumstances they offer are acceptable to you as a company owner. Return policy, loyalty policy as well as pre-order policy are three main policies affecting your products most, so consider it carefully. Moreover, try reaching out to them and see how long they respond to your question. This will give you a brief look at the professionalism of the vendor’s customer service.


Hey Beauties, here are the 4 main signs you need to take notice of before choosing the high-quality lash wholesale vendor you truly deserve. Are you satisfied with our research? If yes, don’t hesitate to share it with your lash friends and check out our Blogs frequently and our products and consider whether Eyesy Lash can honorably be your top selected wholesale lash supplier.

‘’All roads lead to Rome’’. Let Eyesy Lash be the greatest companion in your lash salon journey.

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