How To Apply Premade Lash Fans

How To Apply Premade Lash Fans

How do you apply pre-made eyelashes? Can I use premade lash fans? How do you use premade fans? 

You won't have to waste time creating the right readymade fans eyelash extensions for your customer because we've already done it! All you have to do now is take the fan out of the tray and place it on the clients' lashes!

Premade fan lash extensions application

Premade fans are added to each of your clients' individual lashes in the same way that traditional lashes are done. Your clients' lash extensions can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks with proper care.

Multiple fine lashes are glued together to form premade fans.

Your clients' natural lashes should remain healthy, and they should feel light.

When learning volume and its understandable, many lash artists have cried tears of frustration.

When something is tough, businesses frequently offer a shortcut, such as a product that eliminates all of the hard work and practice time. Premade fans, on the other hand, we believe, have a place in the lash market because they provide such a valuable service.

The drawback

Premade fans don't allow for as much customisation in your lash art, which is one of the major disadvantages I can think of. Customizing your lash fans to your client's specifications, in my opinion, is far more difficult.

Lash artists have the option of using either long or short leg lash fans. A lash artist, for example, cannot make the fans narrower because they have already been formed. This will not change in the near future, and narrow and broad fans will be available for purchase.

Because the fans are already complete, it is also impossible to readily change the number of fans the lash artist would utilize, such as from a 3D to a 6D. However, there is a lot more flexibility accessible in this area as well. There are now more fan configurations available, ranging from 2D to 20D.

Another disadvantage is the price, which is often more than that of handcrafted fans. Making your own fans is less expensive, but it takes a lot longer.

Premade fans, according to some lash artists, have a somewhat lower retention rate than handcrafted fans. This is a contentious point that varies depending on the artist. One of the key reasons for this could be that preset fans can't be customized.

Many clients don't care if the lash artist constructs her own fans or uses prepackaged fans; they just want to get in and out quickly and have their lashes last as long as possible. For those clients you may require, there will be some who care about having your particular creative touch.

However, given the high demand for this product, I am confident that we will have more personalized alternatives available in the near future. The beauty market is rapidly evolving, and prepared fans are becoming increasingly ideal.

Advantage of premade lash fans

Time-saving: For clients that want a fast treatment, premade fans are much quicker to apply. 

Ease: Premade fans make lashing easier for lash artists who aren’t used to volume techniques.

How to choose premade lash fans extension?

Volume lash extensions, unlike traditional lash extensions, which are put one at a time, necessitate a delicate balancing act between multiple lashes.
It's a time-consuming operation that requires delicately picking up and winding a perfect fan around the natural lash, as well as balancing weight, diameter, and length.

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How to pick up premade volume fans?

1. The best practice is to grab 0.5-1.5mm part from the bottom of the fan. Following this pull the fan up.
2. Never attempt to pick up the top of the fans
3. Never attempt to pick up only a few lashes from one of the sides
4. Don't pull them backward, since they will fall apart.

What is the best lash adhesive for premade fans? 

It's vital to keep in mind that the best glue for manufactured lashes is one with a lower viscosity. A thicker base would be created by an adhesive with a higher viscosity.

You don't want lashes that aren't straight and have too much glue at the base. The best option is to choose an adhesive that leaves a great, clean surface. It's preferable to use a small amount of glue, applied in micro drops, to ensure that your work retains its integrity and looks seamless.

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