How to choose the right Promade fans?

How to choose the right Promade fans?

Promade volume lashes are famous for enlarging and brightening the eyes of clients. Using promade volume lashes saves time without compromising quality. This keeps great lash artists like yourself busy, allowing you to service a huge number of happy clients in a single day!

What are Promade fans?

Promade lash fans are volume fans that are ready to be applied to the natural lashes of a client. These fans are created by eyelash extension vendors, and all you have to to do is dipping the roots of them in glue, and then apply them on client's lash lines. Promade volume lashes can be applied to a client's lash in the same way as a classic lash extension.


What Are The Best Promade Lash Fans To Buy?

The best promade fans will have numerous lash lengths and a thin, easy-to-apply base. Moreover, When picking readymade volume lashes, keep in mind your client's desired end result.

PRO TIPS: When you're looking for a natural volume look, promade lash fans with short stems that are 2D or 3D work best. Try larger promade volume lashes, such as 4D or 5D lash fans, for more drama and a fluffier look. Effect for super-wide, super-fine eyelash extension fans to get the most volume and that "fresh eyeliner" look.


Advantages of Using Promade fans

  • Working faster without having to stop and make fans by hand.
  • Saving time - saving money: Applying promade volume lashes follows the same procedure as applying a classic style. Promade fans are a fantastic option for lash artists looking to expand their income and offers through volume sets.
  • Easy to apply: These thin bases are carefully designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to pick them up with ease.
  • Free to create: Allowing new lash artists to offer clients a wide range of eyelash extensions styles.

We recommend that you should try promade lash fans at least once in your lash life. They could be exactly what your lash business has been looking for. At Eyesy Lash, we're enthusiastic about empowering women to own their own definitions of beauty.

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