Pinch Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions

Pinch Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions - Eyesy Lash

This blog post is for you if you've never done lash extensions before (but want to), if you do classic eyelash extensions, or if you do volume lashes but haven't quite found the perfect method yet. By the end, you'll either feel completely empowered to begin your lash journey, or you'll have mastered volume lashes with this technique. Any lash artist can perform this technique, and luckily, it works for any fan style you want. You're a lash artist for a reason, after all, so let's get you expressing yourself through fans! This is known as the pinch method. Why? Because you literally pinch the lashes together to create a fan.

Step 1: Pull Lashes off the Strip

Tweeze the lashes at the top and bottom, just above the sticky strip to which the lashes are attached. This is the time to determine the size of your fan. Consider the natural lash that you'll be applying the fan to, as well as the look that the client prefers. Do you want the fan to be denser or narrower? The larger the fan, the more lashes you pull. The smaller the size, the less you pull.

Pull the lash chunk away from the sticky strip, towards you, and up.

Remember that the quality of your lashes and tweezers will affect the fans and even how they pull off the strip!

Step 2: Pinch the Base of the Lashes

Point the tips of your thumb and index fingers perpendicular to you, toward your chest. We believe that this is the simplest way to pinch the fan's base and achieve the desired result. As you pinch the base of the lash cluster, gently release the tweezers, allowing the lashes to move.

Introducing our lash babe Justine believes that pressing the tip of the tweezer into your thumb helps you keep control of the lashes even when you let go of the tweezers. It can also be used to twist or direct the lashes in the desired direction.

Step 3: Dip the Fan into the Adhesive

Once you've grabbed the fan's base, lightly dip it into the adhesive. Keep in mind that there is an adhesive sweet spot. Too much can weigh down the natural lashes, making them clumpy and even affecting your isolation, but too little will have your client complaining about poor retention. Glue that baby to your client's natural lash and you're done! A lovely fan, who will soon be joined by all the other fans you'll be pinching into existence.

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