Pro-made vs Pre-made Volume Lash Fans

Pro-made vs Pre-made Volume Lash Fans - Eyesy Lash

Lashing is, without a doubt, an art form. It's like comparing using crayons in a coloring book to painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel if we compare the classic lash technique to the volume technique. We'll admit that was a little dramatic. Anyone who has learned volume lashing, on the other hand, will agree that there is a lot more to it than the standard approach. There are a few steps to classic lashing. Isolate the natural lash first, then pick up the classic extension, dip it in adhesive, and place it onto the natural lash. It sounds easier than it is- isolating is the trickiest part to learn as a new artist, trust us.

Volume lashing is a completely different thing. Between picking the right diameter and length, making micro-movements with your hands to produce fans, and wrapping the natural lash once the fan is properly positioned, your lashin' hands are full! These are excellent instances of why, before going on to volume, we recommend perfecting your traditional lash technique for 6 months to truly let yourself dive in and be totally aware. 

It takes months (often years) of effort, patience, and talent to make a symmetrical, attractive fan. We aren't kidding when we say that many lash artists have cried tears of frustration when learning volume. When something is complicated, companies will often offer a "shortcut," such as a product that eliminates all of the hard work and time spent practicing. The continuing lash artist debate: are handmade or pre-made volume fans better?

The difference between Pro-made and Pre-made fans

Handmade, also known as “pro-made” fans are created by the lash artist without the use of machinery. During the appointment, these are frequently made in real-time. Handmade fans are made by removing a few extensions from the strip, fanning them according to the artist's preference, dipping them in glue, and placing them on the client's lash, resulting in a secure bond on the natural lash. To make professional fans, you use the same steps as before, but instead of placing the fan on the natural lash, the glue is quickly dried and kept for later use.

Pre-made fans are prepared by the manufacturer and delivered to the artist ready to be dipped and placed on a client's lash, as the name implies. Pre-made fans are created in the same way that strip lashes are made. Although a person is involved, they are entirely supported by machines. Pre-made volume fans are then either heat-bonded or glued at the base with a minimal amount of adhesive. Similar to individual lash extensions, the finished result is packaged in a tray and attached to an adhesive strip.

The pros and cons

Natural lash lines are unique, just like fingerprints or snowflakes. Some individuals have sparse lashes that can be counted, while others have thick lash lines that go on forever. Then there's the fact that each client's natural lashes are at different stages of development. With this in mind, before applying the fan to each lash, you must carefully calculate the extension diameter, length, and weight. You want complete control over your fans in order to balance the weight of the extensions on the natural lash while maintaining the full set look. While it's not the most convenient option, handcrafting volume fans is the most effective approach to personalize each set for your clients.

Pre-made fans, on the other hand, provide little to no flexibility in terms of customization. They are unable to adjust to different lash textures, lengths, or intensities. Furthermore, unlike when constructing their own, the artist has no control over the amount of glue already on the fan. This means that after the volume fan is dipped in adhesive a second time, considerably more weight will be added. It's also impossible to achieve the "wrap" of the glue and the bases of each extension around the natural lash with pre-made fans. As a result, retention may suffer, and it may not be as effective as creating and placing your fans in real-time throughout the service. 

Pre-made lashes can help you save time and energy so you can focus on booking more clients or expanding your business. They may be more expensive than making your own, so keep that in mind. Take the time to develop your craft, whatever path you pick. It doesn't matter which approach you use if you don't have the proper technique and adhesive control. 

In the end, as the artist, it's up to you to make these decisions. We strongly recommend you learn to make your own fans at your own pace and to improve your volume fan-making skills. It's critical to remember that it's all about quality rather than quantity. Though your handcrafted fans last longer for your customers than premade fans, it's evident that handmade is better in the long run, even if it takes longer to master and produce. Handmade or professionally produced fans give you more control over the lashing process from start to finish, allowing you complete personalization options as an artist. 

Here is the difference and the pros and cons of handmade and premade volume lash fans. Make up your mind and get your own one at We now offer free shipping for all orders over 150$. Shop now!