Promade lash fans: A simple (but complete) guide for lash technicians

Promade lash fans: A simple (but complete) guide for lash technicians - Eyesy Lash

Promade lash fans are on the rise in the lash extension industry. However, if your concerns are: whether or not trying using Promade fans, what are the differences between Promade and Premade, are Promade lash fans better than Premade, this blog is your savior. Discover now with Eyesy Lash. 

Definition of Promade lash fans

In contrast to premade fans which are created by manufacturers, Promade lash fans are 100% handcrafted fans created by skilled and experienced technicians to ensure proper fanning and gluing. Lash technicians start to create Promade fans by picking a cluster of lashes with specialized tweezers, then carefully fanning them by hand, and finally fixing lashes shapes by dipping their roots into glue. Although the process of making Promade fans is time-consuming, the finished product is one-of-a-kind fans.

Promade fans: Pros and Cons

  • Promade fans are made of skilled lash technicians, so they are designed to have features that well-qualified lash artists want, particularly, natural-looking, better curvature, and better spread.
  • The process of making Promade lash fans requires time, but Promade fans save your time during appointments with the clients.
  • The sharp and pointy base results in better retention.
  • Extremely suitable for clients who value their time and want fast service.
  • Wide appearance to create soft and fluffy volume effect. 

  • However, one thing to notice when you intend to buy Promade is that the price of a tray of Promade lashes is a bit higher than others because of the labor in developing the product.

Where to buy high-quality Promade lash fans?

Eyesy Lash is proud to be one of the most credible wholesale lash vendors in the heart of thousands of lash artists worldwide. Our Promade fans are 100% made from the highest quality Korean PBT synthetic materials, which brings the best feeling ever for every single customer: soft, fluffy, feather-light, ultra-matte black, and completely safe for eyes.

The biggest reason why Eyesy Lash Promade fans would be your number one lash wholesale vendor is that we offer the two most trendy and popular styles of Promade fans from all kinds of sizes and lengths in this industry are:
Wispy Promade Fans
Camellia Promade Fans

img src="promade lash fans.jpg" alt=''the comparison between Eyesy Lash Promade lash fans vs other brands' lash fans"


Eyesy Lash Promade fans with a wide range of lengths, thicknesses, sizes, and curl styles will undeniably help every lash artist create unique lash styles for each customer.

Quantity: 480-510 fans/ box, equals roughly 3-4 Full Sets or 5-6 Refills
Curls: C, CC, D Curls
3D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 14D,16D
Length 8-15 mm
Material: made from highest quality Korean PBT - offer soft, fluffy, feather-light, ultra matte-black, and safe for eyes


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