Sticky Strip Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions

Sticky Strip Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions - Eyesy Lash

Today, we're going to talk about yet another way to make fans with volume eyelash extensions. This one doesn't even require pinching. Are you kidding me? Perhaps you'll find this method easier to use than the tweezer pinch and pinch methods. Perhaps one of the pinch methods will appeal to you more than the sticky strip method. Because every artist is unique, you'll be able to create some bomb a*s fans either way. We appreciate that, which is why we're here to educate you on all of the methods available to you!

Step 1: Pull Lashes off Sticky Strip

This step is the same as it is in almost every other method. You have to start somewhere, don't you? The sticky strip to which the lashes are attached is the starting point. Don't forget that the number of lashes pulled from the strip is important. More lashes result in a larger, more dense fan. Less lashes result in a smaller, narrower fan. The latter is appropriate for clients with thin, brittle, or weak lashes. It's all about natural lash health at the end of the day!

Step 2: Make Fan on Sticky Strip

Then, place the chunk of lashes back onto an empty space on the sticky strip. By shimmying the tweezers back and forth, you will manipulate and move the base of the lashes. This will spread the tips of the lashes while also bringing the bases together to form one fan. Continue this motion with the tweezers until your fan is just right for the natural lash it'll be attached to!

Step 3: Dip Base of Fan into Adhesive

This one is self-evident, and if you've read our other fan methods, you've already read it twice. Also, if you're doing lashes, I hope you already know how to do this! Pull the fan away from the sticky strip with tweezers, being careful not to tear the lash. Dip the fan's base into the adhesive to a depth of no more than two millimeters. As with tweezers, there is undoubtedly an adhesive sweet spot. If you charge too little, your client will be dissatisfied. If you use too much, it may cause clumping and poor retention.

That's all! It's literally as simple as one, two, three. Do you like this method? Do you think it's easier or more difficult than the pinch or tweezer pinch methods? Perhaps you believe it is more difficult and that you have less control over the lashes. As I previously stated, either way is fine. We encourage you to find what works best for you so that you can consistently provide your clients with the perfect volume eyelash extensions.

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