The Ultimate Guide to Premade Fan Lashes

Lash extensions have impacted the beauty industry, and there are always new ways to improve this salon favorite. A pre-made fan is one of the most recent must-haves for any successful lash artist. But what are they exactly, and how do they work?

Below you'll find the ultimate guide to pre-made fan lashes:

What Are Pre Made Lash Fans?

Instead of individual lash extensions, these are little clusters of lashes that are tied together to form a fan. Premade volume fans or pro-made lashes are other names for them.

They are ready for the adhesive to be applied and can significantly minimize client and artist appointment times.

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Why Choose Pre Made Lash Fans?

They shorten the time it takes to apply lashes; not only does this provide clients fantastic results in a fraction of the time, but it also allows an artist to earn more money.

The more appointments that can be squeezed into a working day, the better!

Lash artists might make these fans before appointments and in the evenings on their own time to save time during working hours, but since you never know exactly what a customer wants or their eye shape, you can end up making the wrong ones anyhow!

All lash artists want to be ready to start working on clients as soon as possible after completing their training. Artists who are still in training might start earning money by utilizing prepared fan lashes on customers because they are quicker and easier to apply.

True, manufactured fan lashes are more expensive than individual lashes, but being able to visit more clients while still offering excellent results can result in a significant increase in weekly earnings.

They are available in a wide range of styles, ranging from spectacular Hollywood glam with long stems to subtle natural results with short stems, and everything in between! With prepared lash fans, you can even get the immensely popular "fluffy lashes."

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Why Shouldn’t You Choose Pre Made Lash Fans?

There are few items in the world that have solely benefits; however, there aren't many disadvantages to prefabricated lash fans.

They come in a variety of styles to fit every eye shape and style. However, it's unlikely that every lash artist will have the financial means to keep every style in stock at all times.

As a result, clients may not be able to achieve the exact look they desire, or artists may be forced to try to gain new followers during the session.

Premade fan lashes are considerably more difficult to attach to natural lashes, and if done incorrectly, they can fall out prematurely, leaving clients dissatisfied with the quality.

Are Pre Made Fan Lashes Safe?

They are, indeed! As long as they're applied by a highly qualified artist with high-quality tools and glue.

Some users have stated that manufactured fan lashes have damaged their natural lashes; however, this is due to lash artist faults like as applying them too close to the lid, not correctly isolating the lashes, or simply not paying attention.

To properly isolate lashes and apply prefabricated lash fans, use L-shaped tweezers.

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Your clients will get some of the best lash extension results possible with these fan lashes, but without having to wait three hours. These can endure for weeks with the correct expertise, materials, and care, and clients will soon be screaming your praises to their friends and family, resulting in more appointments!