Tweezer Pinch Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions

Tweezer Pinch Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions - Eyesy Lash

This week, we're discussing the tweezer pinch method...which sounds a lot like the pinch method, and it is! The pinch method differs from the tweezer pinch method in that you use tweezers to pinch the base of the fan rather than your fingers. If you didn't read Pinch Method For Volume Eyelash Extensions, I'm going to walk you through this technique step by step, even though many of the steps are the same.

Step 1: Pull Extensions off the Strip

Place one of the tweezers on the bottom and one on the top of the extension strip. This is the stage at which you specify how large or dense you want the fan to be. Pull out more lash extensions for a larger, more dense fan, and less lash extensions for a smaller, narrower fan. Remember that a lot of this is dependent on how much weight your individual client's natural lash can hold, so keep that in mind as you create the perfect fan for that lash.

Step 2: Pinch the Base with the Tweezers

You'll pinch the base of the eyelash extensions, just like you did with the pinch method. Continue pinching and releasing the tweezers until your base is perfect! Because we don't want any loose lashes to bother the client or clump with other lashes, the base should be thin. Use high-quality tweezers, such as the stainless steel lash tweezers from Eyesy Lash.

Step 3: Dip the Base into the Adhesive

After you've grabbed your base, it's time to dip it into the adhesive. Pro tip: shake your adhesive ahead of time to ensure the best possible retention for your client! Do not go deeper than 2 mm into the adhesive. Less is unquestionably more.

Step 4: Apply the Fan to the Lashes

Stick that baby on the natural lashes that this fan was designed for. As long as you don't touch the base of the lash to the client's skin, you're good to go!

Step 5? Repeat! Using this method, you can create a lovely volume set.

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