Why should you use Camellia Multi Length Volume Lashes?

Why should you use Camellia Multi Length Volume Lashes?

What Are Camellia Lashes?

Camellia lashes are volume lash extensions that come in a variety of lengths. To simulate the look of genuine lashes, each row has varying lengths. As new lashes emerge, our natural lashes continue to grow and shed. Natural lashes are constantly varying lengths, as you may have seen. Camellia lash extensions create a more natural and fluffy appearance. In most cases, lash extensions are only available in one length per row. All lashes in a 12mm row of non-feathering extensions would be exactly 12mm.

Benefits of Camellia Lashes

Camellia lashes make creating textured sets so much easier. If you've tried it, you know it takes a lot of talent and practice to get the proper texture. Many of my clients are now requesting the feathery textured look that the Kardashians always have. We've all had a few clients who wanted lashes like Kim K's.

How to Use Camellia Lash Extensions

All you have to do with camellia lashes is follow your preferred lash map as usual. Make sure the length of your longest extension is still safe for the client's natural lashes. These camellia lash extensions make it easier than ever to create dynamic, voluminous sets.

Order Camellia Lashes

As you can see, camellia lash extensions can give you length, texture and volume that looks gorgeous and natural. So now that you know the benefits of camellia lashes, it’s time to get a set of your own! If you want to give your clients a bold and beautiful look, then order camellia easy fan lashes at eyesylash.co today.