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Secret Of A Fluffy Lash Set

Symmetrical fans: If you don't want to end up with a gappy, irregular-looking lash set, symmetrical fans will be key.
Our promade fans are meticulously crafted to perfection, allowing you to create a voluminous and full appearance easily and quickly!
21+ Days Retention: Tiny base enable easy application and better retention.
Cost-effective: Only from 1.8 cents/ fan, equalling $4 for one volume set.
Natural Look: Made of high-quality Korean PBT with matte black texture.
Handmade with Korean PBT, our promade fans are meticulously crafted to perfection, allowing you to create stunning sets in a fraction of the time.
Improving retention and client comfort
Matte Black
Real black color and texture as natural lashes
Symmetrical Fans
Uniformity in shape, length & thickness for fuffiness

What's special about our Promade Fans?

Slim Base
Tiny base for easy application and better retention

Why our fans are not in lines?

Watch this 30s video to know about loose fans!

Take your pick!

Promade fans: even coverage for Russian volume sets, offer a uniform and fluffy look.
Wispy fans: spiky effect for American volume, offer a  staggered,  Kim-K look.
Camellia fans: 3 different lengths in one fan, offer a  depth & texture in your lash set.
Uniform or messy, dramatic or natural, we have 3 types of volume fans that help you create most complicated lash sets in a fraction of the time.




Happy Customers

Thick. Fluffy. Soft.
Yoveii Lewis
I like them they are thin to apply and they good quality.
Lightweight, comfortable, and natural looking! I love these!!
Love these lashes. It has a longer stem and they are super soft and fluffy.
Melissa H. Duran