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Promade Fans

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How Promade Fans
Help You
Earn More Money

Lashing Time



Aesthetic Effect


~4 weeks

100% Handmade
Volume Fans!

Promade fans save you time for

Reduce 50% time
for a lash set

Ready to use
right away

No more
back & wrist pain

Friendly to beginners,
quickly mastered

Promade fans help increase

Consistent length,
shape & size

Suitable for various styles

Up to 21+ days retention

How to use Eyesy Lash

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What people say about Eyesy Lash Promade Fans

These lashes are great. The retention is amazing! They completely change my lash extensions, and they are super easy to use!
Fans That Add Volume and Look Fantastic
These fans are well-made. The base is thin and not boxy at all, allowing me apply the lash fan to the natural lash seamlessly. Very impressed with this!
These are beautiful, well made, come to one solid tip and don't fall apart. easy to apply and gorgeous. Absolutely LOVE these!
Absolutely gorgeous
Soft to touch and not fall apart!

The story of us

In our case, we can do all this through lashing. We've devoted our entire life to lashing and expanding our lash businesses. It gives us energy, and we enjoy it. But it's the way lashes can make women feel that truly motivates us. We've heard it all from our lash babes: confident, bold, seductive, younger. It's an honor to be able to lift other women up through lashing. 

How we get our start?
We started our company after spending years developing lash products. We saw firsthand the pain and troubles lash artists must go through and decided we could create products that make lashing easier and more profitable.

Why we love what we do?
Our passion is empowering lash artists and their clients through lashing.

What makes our products unique?
Our products are made from the wonderful quality material, hand-made into beautiful fans, and went through multiple rounds of quality checks. We only deliver the high-quality products.